WordPress, an indispensable digital tool

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) platform commonly used to create and publish, edit and manage content online and offline.




Is a technology that allows you to design and develop many solutions for very different brands and companies, which will from the simplest blog to the most complex online store. Access to different themes, plugins and widgets and the easy conjugation between them allow the creation of fully customized websites that respond to the needs of each business.


SEO “friendly”

With the recent changes of the algorithms and criteria of the search engines, websites face new challenges to stay in the spotlight and ensure visits from potential clients. WordPress follows this evolution and integrates in itself different ways and tools to evaluate your website and improve your SEO.


Design Responsivo

The choice of WordPress for the elaboration of a website ensures, from the outset, its adaptation to different screen sizes which becomes fundamental nowadays. More than 50% of web users, in Portugal, access the internet from mobile devices – smartphones and tablets.


Easy to edit and update content.

It’s a simple and intuitive tool that allows anyone without programming knowledge, code or software design change, add or remove content quickly and effectively. Access to content changes can be given to more than one administrator, which facilitates teamwork.


At VOSSA we develop websites tailored to your needs, using this technology. We provide training that will give you autonomy to manage the contents of your site and ensure the continuous improvement of your online presence.

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