SEO – what is it, what is it for and what are the advantages

SEO comes from Search Engine Optimization, and corresponds to the set of techniques that allow a website to get a better positioning in the search results of any search engine on the internet.

In practice, when a word or set of words is inserted into the search field, the search engine collects information from hundreds of sites and displays a list whose order is governed by the optimization each site makes of its content and keywords.

The probability of the site appearing in the top places obeys different criteria, most of which can be worked through SEO.

Most Internet users do not go beyond the 3rd or 4th result of a set of sites listed during a survey. At the same time, the current ease of launching an online business increases the number of potential competitors.

SEO allows you to give greater prominence to online presence without having to invest in paid advertising.

This optimization is suitable for any type of online presence. Any business, brand or company that wants to be easily found during a search, should invest in SEO.

At VOSSA we analyze the position of your website or online store, compare it with your competitors and based on this information, we work with SEO to improve the online presence of your brand or company. If you want to receive more information on this topic or if you need a personalized evaluation or advice, send us an email to

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