Large format printing

The digital world has invaded our lives and we are led to believe that the materialization of our projects no longer makes sense. The truth is that it is still necessary, in different moments and situations, to bring to the analog world the concretization of our ideas. There is also space for advertising in public spaces, in the windows of our stores, in the mupis of the city, in our car …

Large format printing is of great importance in the dissemination of information and in the dissemination of ideas and messages from small and large companies and brands. This reality is supported by the extraordinary diversification of solutions that we can find in this area at present, both in materials and in their adaptation to the specific needs of each project.

In VOSSA we invest in machines, techniques and materials that satisfy the different needs of the market, without forgetting the ecological issues.

We use water based Latex inks, the only ones with ecological and environmental certification, allowed in sensitive environments, namely, hospital. They are ideal for interiors as they contain no odor or pollutants.

Our large format printing has some potentially interesting features like the possibility of printing on both sides and anti-scratch treatment.

We offer various printing materials: linings, vinyl, paper, canvas, textile, photo paper, magnet, wallpaper, PVC, curtains, cork, whose applications may be banners, wallpaper, interior decoration, paintings, posters, stands, roll-ups, advertising displays and everything your imagination allows.

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