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Importance of Graphic Design in the success of your brand

Good design work coupled with good communication and marketing can position a brand in the market and in the minds of consumers, transmitting their values immediately. In addition to ensuring the visual consistency of the brand, the design work is also responsible for supporting the marketing in generating value for the company or business that it is communicating.

Creating a design means analyzing and planning to design and draw based on desires and intentions of communication. A designer first of all has an impact on the idealization and design of a product / service and then on the communication between the different audiences.

On the basis of the main concerns of a designer we can find the type of product or service that will disclose, the audience to whom the piece of communication is destined, the physical or digital medium where it will communicate, and the technical or budget constraints associated with each project.

The discipline of design arises in the many sectors and in several stages of a project as a fundamental area for the success of a brand or business.


Where can we find the advantage of graphic design work?

In Visual Identity

A well-designed brand, with the right choice of typography and graphic symbols, is able to communicate and explain itself, without the aid of complementary textual or iconic elements. That is why it is so important to bet on a logo that is consistent with the name and scope of the brand. The image chosen to represent a business, company, product or service, will be perceived by the client and other equally relevant publics and the associations that follow will dictate the positioning of a brand against its competition. The designer achieves this goal by creating an emotional connection through aesthetic and emotional values – fundamental in decision making. Still, a good logo is not only “beautiful” and graphically balanced. It has in mind the various factors for brand success in the market.

A well designed logo allows the perception of the brand in different contexts, taking care of the readability of its elements in different media, as well as the interpretation of its value by different audiences.


In the Communication

In addition to the name and logo of a brand, other means serve to communicate with the different audiences of a company, product or service. We speak of stationary (business card, envelope, letterhead), website, flyers and posters, social networks, interior decoration of physical stores or advertising on billboards and even applying the brand in merchandising.

The graphic and semantic approach that the designer makes to these communication materials will help dictate the success of a product or service to the consumer.

The way the product / service will be presented to the customer is the tangible part of the purchase process – Ex: format of a website. The creation of the best virtual interfaces between the consumer and the company provides a virtual experience that stimulates the sales, besides being one of the “ports of entry” of the brand.

When designing a communication piece, the graphic designer will take into account aspects such as color, typeface, graphic or digital support, associated images, and the audience for whom it’s intended.

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