Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing is a very recent discipline that depends on the various technological advances and the updates that the platforms that support it are suffering. Because it is in constant evolution, it requires the total adaptability of its professionals to guarantee better results in the digital strategy of the marks. The social networks already assume as the preferred channels of the Portuguese companies to take the first steps in the digital approach to its public.

Given this first step is important to understand that the results are not immediate; it is essential to build a multi-platform strategy that ensures consistency with brand values.

Those that are the rules for a good digital marketing strategy depend, however, on tips and specificities set as trends for a given period.

In order to succeed in digital in 2019, companies must be able to generate qualified traffic to their website or landing pages and bet on sponsored campaigns (Facebook and Google Ads) without forgetting the optimization of search engines through SEO. The main objective should be to obtain visits and the ability to convert them into leads. It’s important to take the visitor to leave their data and then start the communication and make the purchase. This will only be possible if there is a sharing of relevant content to the public, able to make you feel that the brand adds some kind of value.


Search Engine Optimization & Web Analytics

This is one of the main tools that allows to optimize the visibility in the organic results of different search engines and thus achieve a better positioning in the web. For this year the trend will be a deeper understanding of its operation and a greater focus on its advantages, with particular emphasis on the optimization of the mobile versions of the websites. Also, Web Analytics is part of the SEO campaign techniques, whose objective is to get a positive reaction in the search results by monitoring and analyzing all the information and statistics, giving feedback if in fact the strategy is well done.


B2B or B2C

The current trend is B2Human and not B2C or B2B as we are used to. The need to value the stakeholders and humanize the relationship of brands with them gains a new dimension in 2019. The various publics are increasingly able to decide and are well informed and up to date. When we bet on content, even if produced specifically for B2B, we need to understand that it is a Human who will consume it.

Due to this current power of consumers it is expected that the buying process will change and here it will be necessary to change the way it is sold. For this reason, Linkedin will be increasingly valued by companies for the mainly B2B social selling.


Internal marketing

This is another trend for this year, and it is quite valuable to businesses. Internal marketing refers to the reputation of a company as a work space and the employees’ feelings towards it. This aspect, apparently irrelevant, is very important to the public, since the opinion of those who know a brand or business from the inside seems more true than the one that the company builds around them. Increasing employees’ happiness, maintaining a strong and consistent culture and encouraging their sharing in digital media is essential.



In this parameter, there will continue to be a significant increase in e-commerce turnover in Portugal. Due to the lack of e-commerce retail offer in the Portuguese market, the majority of the purchases made by our customers take place on foreign platforms. This information reinforces the need to bet on good e-commerce platforms, where it’s easy and convenient for the consumer to make their purchases, not forgetting the humanization and personalization of the user experience.


Video Marketing & Live Streaming

Currently, the valuation of a brand passes imperatively by audiovisual content. Video is a powerful form of digital marketing, driving online campaigns. It allows us to more quickly and efficiently display our products / services. With the new reality of social networks, the possibility of sharing audiovisual content in real time brings the brands the ability to enhance the emotional connection with the public. Casting live videos promotes the humanization of the brand, increases its transparency and shows spontaneity. Linking coupons, discount codes, or links to live streamed videos is key to measuring and understanding the success of the action.


Social Media Advertising

YouTube will gain a more premium positioning by holding more audiences than traditional mass media and being seen as a trendsetting channel where there is no need for a large budget. Through Google’s display network banners, you can create ads on placements whose content is relevant to the audience I want to reach. The “stories” format will gain relevance and the existence of ads on IGTV will add value to social selling on Instagram and Facebook.

Advertising on whatsapp will gain importance through the launch of whatsapp business that allows targeted campaigns.


Online Security

There will be more and more security barriers in the digital world, both in the mechanisms of protection and transparency of social networks, and in the encryption of e-mails. It is expected to increase the accuracy of the information, with the reporting of fake news and the use of the free security scan on the sites. This will force companies to keep their professionals informed.

These and other trends compel companies to be aware and evolve in the approach they take to the digital world. Need professional help to design your digital strategy for this year? Contact us! Our team is YOURS!


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