5 Advantages of Digital Marketing

Communication and advertising in digital media has already been widely stated and its advantages are undeniable. Digital Marketing is no longer the future rather the present. However, doubts and fears always arise when investing in digital platforms, the speed with which everything happens today and the more or less general lack of knowledge of how they work and what their true perks are. We leave the list of the main advantages of the use of Digital Marketing in the communication of your brand.


Greater reach

Through digital media it is possible to reach a larger number of people when compared with the analogical media, usually circumscribed to more limited geographical areas. Ensuring that your communication reaches more public is critical to its success.



Likewise, the speed with which we reach a large number of people in the digital media is undeniable. On the internet the information arrives almost immediately to any part of the globe. By being able to advertise a service or product the moment it is launched, your brand will gain the visibility needed to win followers and customers at the right time.



The ability to measure the results of each action makes digital marketing very attractive. Thanks to the tools of campaign monitoring and analysis, you can access information as relevant as: the number of people who saw, clicked or bought a product or service, number of users who visited a website in a certain period of time and what their geographical location or even number of times a customer has accessed an email marketing communication. Access to this information allows you to get feedback, get to know your audience better and ensure greater optimization of resources in subsequent campaigns.



Another great advantage of digital marketing is the ability to target audiences. In traditional marketing this option knows more limitations. Choosing one social network over another can be a form of segmentation; but even in a campaign through facebook, for example, it is possible to segment the audience according to variables such as age, gender, geographic location, consumption behaviors or interests.

This functionality ensures that you are communicating to the audience potentially interested in your brand, thus optimizing the investment in each campaign.



Since tracking an action or campaign can be done almost to the minute, the ability to change, adapt, or recreate a campaign whether in its content or definition of strategy or even its audience, gives digital marketing an attractive way of communicating with the various audiences interested in your brand.

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