4 Reasons to Invest in the Packaging of your Product

It is well-known that the basic principle of packaging is to protect products from possible transport damage. However, packaging is also the first contact the consumer has with the brand and is currently a key contribution to having a competitive advantage. The packaging of your product should communicate one purpose: what your brand stands for and what it means to your customer.

1. It differentiates your brand from the competition

Every year, an endless number of new products is launched on the market and an endless number of products is also quickly withdrawn. The reason is simple: Most customers do not have the time or patience to compare and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the amount of products and brands they see every day displayed in supermarkets and, to simplify their decision, choose (consciously or unconsciously) by the packaging of the product that most caught your attention or by the brand that is most familiar to you.

2. The color of the packaging influences the consumer’s final decision

The colors used in the packaging of products play a key role in the decision to purchase by the consumer. Our brain reacts to colors differently depending on the stimulus that each color awakens in us. Choose the colors of your packaging according to the type of product and the purpose that you want to associate with your brand. The color palette should be a well studied and evaluated requirement in order to convey objective and transparent communication, helping to achieve an efficient result.

3. Packaging is a communication tool

The packaging of your product should also be an important communication tool, facilitating the recognition of your brand anywhere, through the visible implementation of your logo and visual characteristics inherent to the brand.

It is important to consider what the packaging says about your product and brand and what messages it conveys to consumers.

4. The packaging identifies the brand

If you stop to think of some of your favorite brands, you will conclude that they all have one thing in common: they are unforgettable. Trademarks should be guided by a well-structured communication line and reflected on their packaging. The great success stories are intuitively recognized by the logo, by the colors, and by the type of communication. For the brands to get there, it is necessary to work in advance of design, development and creation of the packaging.

Show your customers the personality of your brand and what it can do for them. With VOSSA’s help, develop a packaging appropriate to your product and the profile of your business. To know our packaging solutions, send us an email to vossa@vossa.pt.

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